Combat Hapkido Senior Instructor

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Steve Hache CD

Steve Hache is a 3rd Dan Senior Instructor in Combat Hapkido, a veteran and a retired member of the Royal Canadian Navy, where he dedicated over 21 years of his life in the service of our country.

After his retirement from the Navy he was employed by the United Arab Emirates as a Maritime Security Instructor where he developed and trained Critical National Infrastructure Authority (CNIA) - Coast Guard personnel in tactical boat operations and maritime law enforcement.

While employed in the Middle East he had the privilege to instruct a number of martial art students ranging from US Coast Guard, US Marines, US Sheriffs, South African Navy personnel and translators.

Martial Arts

Steve has been involved in the martial arts for over 28 years and, whenever possible, he also cross-trains in a variety of other martial arts, including traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do/Filipino Martial Arts, and kickboxing from which he gains invaluable experience and knowledge from a wide variety of exceptional instructors

International Combat Hapkido Federation

As a certified ICHF senior instructor, Steve has been involved in the development of programs to promote Hapkido, offering self defence workshops and clinics to different martial art schools, agencies and organizations. These include Self Defence Canada, Success College’s Corrections and Policing Foundations Program, Critical National Infrastructure Authority - the United Arab Emirates Coast Guard, Truro Martial Arts Academy, East Coast Wado Karate Club, Carr Taekwon-Do, Pratt & Whitney Canada, École Secondaire du Sommet, and NSCC Deaf Studies program in close quarters defensive tactics.

Steve has also had the privilege to attend several clinics and seminars with 23 time world champion kickboxer Jean Yes Theriault, Jeet Kune Do authorities Makoto Kabayama and Rob Doley, and the founder of Combat Hapkido, Grandmaster John Pellegrini. He continues to train, attend clinics and seminars to enhance his skills.

Now, Steve has come full circle and is one of East Combat Hapkido Academy's primary senior instructors. He is knowledgeable and willing and ready to share that knowledge with the East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy students.


  1. 3rd Dan Black Belt, Combat Hapkido
  2. Certified Senior Instructor, Combat Hapkido
  3. Member of the International Combat Hapkido Federation