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Open Source (OS) image from the World Wide Web.

The benefits of training in Combat Hapkido

The teachings of Combat Hapkido are applicable from the very first lesson, which is a benefit for busy adults who are interested in learning self defence but may not have the time or energy for more traditional martial arts training. Combat Hapkido does not rely on extreme physical ability, strength, or size to be useful and can benefit men and women, and teens of all sizes.

The benefits include:

     · Physical Benefits:
       · increased stamina and endurance,
       · muscle tone and strength with moderate weight loss,
       · flexibility, balance and coordination, and
       · Stress reduction,

     · Character Development:
       · self confidence and self discipline,
       · positive attitude,
       · patience and perseverance, and
       · respect, and

     · Cognitive Benefits:
       · self defence techniques,
       · increased awareness,
       · knowledge of human anatomy and pressure points,
       · survival skills, and
       · improved concentration.

Here are what some people had to say about Chon-Tu Kwan (Combat) Hapkido:

East Coast Combat Hapkido is an excellent martial arts system for self defence. The techniques are simple, practical and highly effective with little emphasis on 'flashy' moves. Practicing the techniques fosters muscle growth and flexibility and helps eliminate fear of the unknown. (Brian, East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy student)

As an officer in the Canadian Army for just over 8 years, I can find myself in situations where I am required to be poised, calm and controlled in less-than-ideal circumstances. Beyond the obvious benefits of self-defence and fitness, Combat Hapkido offers its students discipline, focus and confidence that are beneficial to people of all ages and from all walks of life. (Chris, East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy student)

As a small sized woman, I have found Combat Hapkido to provide me with tools that increase my confidence in many situations in life. I not only feel safer because of the self-defense techniques I have learned, but I am also more aware of what’s going on around me when walking to my car or entering my building at night. The Combat Hapkido workouts also provide increased flexibility, coordination and body control, and increased fitness level. All of these added benefits help me in my job as a personal trainer, and are valuable to me as a former athlete. I would recommend Combat Hapkido to anyone who is interested in learning self-defense techniques and improving their overall fitness level. (Andrea Borak, A North Virginia Combat Hapkido student)

Come and train in Combat Hapkido to improve your health and physical fitness while learning how to defend yourself in a true science of self defence.